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Google visits the Barn …..

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A few months ago, a representative of Google paid a visit to the Bandwidth Barn. Evaluating whether or not to start a Google incubator in Cape Town, the first stop was the Barn. A few entrepreneurs and some of the Barn and the CITI’s (Cape IT Directors) Directors sat in on the informal chat one Friday afternoon. Cape Town has seen many innovative companies launch successfully, thus the need for a visit.

The talks were interesting, ranged from what the barriers to entry were for most entrepreneurs to the usual “where can we find funding” topic. The Google representative posed many interesting questions which the panel could answer.

Will anything happen as a result of this visit? Who knows? What we do know is that Cape Town is becoming a hub for entrepreneurs and the Bandwidth Barn was (and continues to be) an enabler, by offering various development programmes to entrepreneurs which help develop businesses.

If you have an idea or have a business and need some guidance on where to next, contact us. We have various programmes on the go as we speak, targeted to you specific needs. Visit our website – or email for more info.

In other news,  The Bandwidth Barn was featured in the ITWeb for the possiblity of creating an Angel Fund. The fund would revolve around control the finances, monitoring company performance and protect investors’ monies. Sounds amazing. Now to make it happen. Watch this space.


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