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We’re back and ready to roll with our 2010/2011 business development programmes

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We’ve been scarce on the blog front as we draw the 2009/2010 programmes to a close, in preparation for the 2010/2011 round. If you’re not sure what this entails, here is a summary:

The Bandwidth Barn hosts various business development programmes over a six-ten month time-frame focusing on the ICT Industry. This year, we have opened the programme up to accepting Design Industry applications as well. The programmes start this month (July) and will run until early next year.

Types of progammes available are (previous programmes completed are listed below):

ACCEL: 2009 – The Bandwidth Barn
For start up businesses, refining a financial and operational strategy that identifies KPIs that take the business forward.

VELOCITI: 2007, 2008, 2009 – The Bandwidth Barn
PEERPOWER collaborated with CVP to create an integrated and focused training and mentoring program for early start up businesses.

MY BUSINESS GROUP: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 – The Bandwidth Barn
We have successfully run this programme for the Bandwidth Barn every year since 2005 and have assisted over 80 ICT business owners to think strategically about their business , focusing on their results and being held accountable for achieving those results.

WOMEN IN ICT: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 – The Bandwidth Barn, The Cape IT Initiative, Innovation Hub.
The forum provides a platform for women building ICT businesses to share resources, network, discuss specific issues they face and deal effectively with challenges.

PEER ADVISORY BOARD: 2007, 2008 – Nokia Mobile Leaders Society
PEERPOWER was contracted by Nokia through their Mobile Leaders Society to provide a Peer-to-Peer mentoring forum where business people create deep relationships with other business people and assist each other in achieving their key objectives.

There are a few spaces available for business owners/freelancers in the Design Industry, if you need support, then apply today! It takes five minutes to complete the application ( which should then be emailed to Ansi (

Even though these programmes are free to you, it is made possible by the Bandwidth Barn’s fund raising expeditions from various private and government sources.

Visit our Facebook page and view the comments from past delegates and feel free to leave a comment as well. We love hearing from you. Please feel free to engage with us via Twitter or comment on various articles we blog about. Should you have any queries regarding any of the programmes, please visit the PEERPOWER website or contact Ansi on 021 409 7000.

Good luck! BWB Editor


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