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Can These Startups Beat Paypal?

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At a recent Cape IT Initiative (CITI) strategy meeting held at the Bandwidth Barn, we discussed the huge opportunities still available for developing innovative ICT solutions for especially mobile platforms, and how ICT can be utilised as an enabler across the various [economic] growth sectors in the Western Cape.


I came across this article in which Stacey Higginbotham looks at various possibilities for further development of online and especially mobile payment systems. I hope the article gets the creative [read innovative] juices flowing.


Stacey writes for GigaOM. The article also appeared on


 – Chris Vermeulen


Moving Money Online Stills Needs Work

Credit cards and PayPal notwithstanding, there is still room for new approaches to Web payments, particularly in the mobile realm


Despite the acceptance of credit cards and services like PayPal, the issue of getting money from one person to another online still offers opportunities for innovation. Venture firms are continuing to fund startups that hope to offer better ways to pay online, while the growth of Software as a Service in the enterprise has led to a need for new tools in corporate billing management. Further out, buying items over a mobile phone presents a multibillion-dollar opportunity — if someone can make it easy.


Read the full article at:




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September 27, 2008 at 8:45 am

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