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Part 2 – Personal Resume

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Unpack answers to the points below


Investors are backing a person, the entrepreneur and more broadly, the full management team.


Your strengths

What is it that you’re really good at? Bring this out and use examples wherever possible to substantiate your claim. (Be sure that your document clearly illustrates how you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people as indicated in point 8 on the previous page).



Your passion and enthusiasm is vitally important. There are many average, tired people in the world, but equally important is the fact that the top 10% are very, very good. Make it clear how you’re prepared to die for the project and how you’ll not let it fail under any circumstance. In fact, it should be abundantly clear that failure is not an option.



Right from the outset, let’s be crystal clear on this point. If you’re not a resilient person and you have not had to illustrate resilience in your life to date the possibility that you’ll fail is high. Take a piece of paper and write down five great challenges you’ve faced (really tough challenges) and what you did to overcome them. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Include these resilience examples in your resume.


Source: Entrepreneur Magazine



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September 17, 2008 at 7:24 pm

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